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"There is nothing more important than assessment – If we get that wrong, we damage students’ futures. And getting assessment and feedback right are the hardest things we do"

(Race, 2015, p.30). 

About us- moderation services, ace moderation, Monitoring and evaluating, Standardisation of assessment practices, TEO's, NZQA's tertiary education evaluation indicators (TEIs)


“ Students can, with difficulty escape from the effects of poor teaching, they cannot (...) escape the effects of poor assessment. ”

(Boud, 1995, p. 35)

Assessment moderation is our speciality. If you are looking to enhance your internal moderation process for quality assessment outcomes, we would love to hear from you.

Ace Moderation New Zealand Wellington, Qualification Authority (NZQA), fair assessments, learning outcomes, passionate educators


We provide pre-moderation and post-moderation services for business related courses at certificate, diploma and degree level.

Ace Moderation, pre-moderation, post-moderation, strategic partnerships, NZ

Assuring the appropriateness of assessment methods and tools, and alignment of assessments tasks to the relevant NZQF level.

Assuring the consistency and validity of assessor decisions and assessment material as per the national standards.

Working collaboratively to improve your internal moderation process. 

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